To create a world where humans can trust AI

We want to build a future together with companies, creators, developers and individual users that combines the best parts of disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain, and AR/VR with the best human qualities. A future defined by synergy and collaboration between man and machines that can be summarized by the formula (Human + AI)2.

About us

What’s Connectome?

Connectome is a technology platform to realize human-like AI assistant, “Virtual Human Agent” (VHA). By harnessing the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game AI (human-like intelligent NPC technology), blockchain and human sciences, VHAs can, amongst other things, be personal assistants, the cornerstone of productive organizations and companies, assist in healthcare, and be the future of human-technology interaction. The goal is to create a future where humans can trust in and live alongside AI technologies that will increase the quality of communication between humans, as well as between humans and technology.

  • Human-like
    decision making AI
    The Connectome platform employs AI technology to provide a software development kit (SDK) which can be used by individual users to create human-like decision-making AI. The uses cases are many and varied. For example, game creators can design algorithms around situational understanding AI and use it to design their own characters. Individuals and companies can create VHAs that can function as tailor-made personal assistants or virtual, in-office co-workers.
  • Situational
    recognition AI
    Connectome’s VHA uses AI models for not only object detection in an AR space, but also for facial and speech recognition of its users. We will promote the use of AI in the real world.
  • Asset of algorithms
    By enabling individuals to develop and sell algorithms through a distributed marketplace, the Connectome Market aims to vitalize the entirety of the technology market.
  • Distributed AI
    The ultimate goal of the situational recognition AI that Connectome aims to offer is providing users with an AI model based on safe and reliable blockchain technology. This represents a fundamental break from the black box AI currently provided by large enterprise operators.

Partnership Program


  • 01
    The amount of data in the world will increase exponentially. Not just because of smartphone evolution but also due to IoT and 5G technology. The massive amounts of data, and along with constantly rising use of technology, will make it difficult and time-consuming for individuals and organizations to process all the information and make decisions. This goes double for real-time is an increased need for new technology that can automate and streamline communication between people and technology.
  • 02
    Research shows that having human respondents answer questions from human-like characters improves response rate and speed when compared to audio prompts.
    There’s the famous rule of Mehrabian. It says that people receive information not only from hearing but also from mimicry and the body’s movements. VHAs have the potential to extend and deepen communication between people and technology.



Yasunori MotaniExecutive Director at Connectome Pte. Ltd.

Based in Singapore, Yasunori Motani is cofounder and executive director at Connectome, where he leads marketing and business development globally. Previously, he was the blockchain project lead at KDDI, Japan’s second largest telecommunication service provider, where he spearheaded a blockchain project in KDDI. Prior to KDDI, Yasunori held various key business roles at LINE, a global messaging platform headquartered in Japan. He was also instrumental in the launch of LINE Pay, a smartphone digital wallet service on the LINE messaging app. A long-time entrepreneur, Yasunori founded his first startup in 2009, after starting his career in business management at Japanese global conglomerate Hitachi. He is also cofounder of Blockchain EXE, the largest blockchain technology community in Japan.

Atsushi IshiiCEO at Couger Inc.

Ishii developed various services at IBM, as well as multiple large-scale search engines at Rakuten and Infoseek. He founded Couger in 2006 and led international teams in Japan, US, and South Korea developing multiple top-selling online games. He has provided technical support to one of the top teams taking part in the Amazon Robotics Challenge, built an AI learning simulator used by Honda, and led the development of Cloud Robotics for a Japanese government-backed AI research project. He is currently leading the development of Connectome, the next-generation human-technology interface using AI x Robotics x IoT x Blockchain.

Hikaru TakahashiCTO at Couger Inc.

Takahashi is an expert in the development of systems for large-scale user groups, handling millions of daily accesses. He has developed backend systems for one of Japan's largest eCommerce companies, Rakuten, and online games at Square Enix. At Connectome, his main focus is the ongoing development of combining AI and blockchain to produce the human-technology interface of the future.

Kazuaki IshiguroChief Blockchain Architect at Couger Inc.

Kazuaki studied in Los Angeles where his initial programming experience came from a career as a DJ. He later went back to Japan and worked as a software developer at a CTI-startup. He is self-taught in the development of blockchain solutions, a contributor to Vyper & BigchainDB, and Regional Head of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. Kazuaki is Connectome's lead engineer of blockchain development.

Soh Wan WeiHead of Content Strategy at Connectome Pte. Ltd.

Wan Wei is a seasoned content marketing specialist who has interviewed more than 100 C-level executives, politicians, ambassadors and entrepreneurs all over the world. As the Global Head of Content Strategy at Connectome, she is passionate about crafting and directing strategies related to artificial intelligence, blockchain, and their growing impact on the human race.

Crystal LimCommunity Manager at Connectome Pte. Ltd.

Crystal gets energised from talking to people and connecting them with each other. She is currently building a community of creators and visionaries at Connectome as the Global Community Manager. Crystal is an advocate of using technologies related to artificial intelligence and blockchain as tools to empower everyone to live the life they envision.

Bess LeowCreative Associate / Operations Manager at Connectome Pte. Ltd.

Bess generates ideas faster than you can shout "Emerging Technologies" and is currently working on marketing and art projects at Connectome as Creative Associate. Besides leveraging her Japanese language skills to bring the team members together, she is also a hardcore gamer-turned-creator who is intensely excited by the development of tech and its effect on art and games.


Yuji AkabaManaging Director of Breakthrough Partners

Undergraduate Engineering degree from Tokyo University. Worked in design and development of dump trucks at Komatsu. Later earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford and started working at McKinsey. Established their Seoul office. After 14 years at McKinsey, co-founded Breakthrough Partners. Now works in venture management support, management reform of medium/large-scale enterprises, executives trainer, and new business creation. Author of “Zero-second thinking.”

Koji MorihiroManaging Director of Breakthrough Partners

Materials Engineering degree from Cornell. Joined Fujitsu and earned Best Sales Award while working in the US corporate division. Involved in corporate acquisition, overseas memory development base, and establishment of the world’s largest semiconductor factory. Received President’s Award in US Strategic Alliance. Joined as partner in Silicone Valley’s venture capital firm, Techfarm. Engaged in the founding, management support, and investment of globally competitive high-tech ventures.

Dimitri De JongheOcean Protocol co-founder and head of R&D

Promotion of distributed data-exchange for AI. BigChainDB’s Application Director and co-chair of the Interledger community. PhD in Robust Modeling of Analog Mixed-Signal Circuits and Masters in Engineering.